VRF Systems Expert Advice

Midea Fault Code:

P3: If this fault code is read in the outdoor unit, presör Compressor is overcurrent protection ”but if you read in the indoor unit, it is“ Ed ”fault, not“ P3 ”.

03: This fault is “E0” ”in the indoor unit, not iç 03”. Mode overlap failure.

P2: There may be a low pressure protection or a phase protection relay failure.

E6: The easiest fault code is the solution. Indicates that there is a mode conflict in indoor units connected to the same system. If any different indoor unit is operating in a mode other than the “heating-cooling” mode you are trying to operate, we see “E6.. Previously operated air conditioners / air conditioners must be switched off or operated in the same mode.

General Fault Code:

Err.1: Although this is not a malfunction code, it reports how many types of malfunctions are currently in the system. The fault codes can be accessed by pressing the “enter” switch button on the main board once. If there are several, other fault codes can be seen with the “mode / select” switch button.

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